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Trinabh Sahnan

Student, DAV college

I have attended multiple Laddr programs now and I have found the community and workshops to be extremely helpful. There are many workshops especially, ‘How to set goals that give results’ that I have found insightful. I have been able to apply the workshop’s tips and hacks to my daily life instantly which is helping me in achieving my goals. I have also been able to access several more opportunities in college because of Laddr. I am very grateful to be a part of this community.

Adavya Bhalla

Software engineer

I randomly found Laddr on Instagram and I am so glad that I did. Their content is always around interesting learning topics like productivity, self-improvement, human thinking and so much more. I really like taking their regular quizzes on stories. I like their content so much that I have also shared Laddr’s page with my work buddies. I even got a chance of attending their online workshops on interviews and goal-setting. The best thing about their workshops is the quality of content and the speakers are extremely polite.

Ayushi Kothari

Digital Marketer

I recently started to follow Laddr on Instagram. They share very useful tips that have helped me in my daily life. Laddr has helped me understand how soft skills can impact my life. Especially for people in marketing like myself, Laddr provides really helpful ways to learn and practice soft skills! I recently attended my 1st workshop. Can’t wait to attend the next one this week!

Bhuma Varsha

Student, Sathyabama University

I’ve attended one workshop so far, it was about emotional intelligence. It gave me clarity and helped dealing with situations in the professional environment. The social media tips have been helpful to deal with everyday life. The approach to the concept in Laddr’s Instagram posts are adorable. I find them relatable yet knowledgeable ❤